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Our Business Valuations Group offers a full range of financial services to clients in all industries. Our services include corporate financing and transactional activities, taxation, and financial reporting and compliance. Whether needed for an acquisition, for ESOP purposes, for estate planning purposes, for financing purposes, or as part of any other strategic corporate initiative, ACUITY is able to provide you qualified valuation services. Either directly, or through our strategic partners, we can provide the following:

Corporate Finance & Transactional Analysis:
. Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP);
. Fairness Opinions;
. Debt Securities;
. Restricted Stock;
. Stock Options;
. Solvency Opinions;

Tax Compliance & Support:
. Charitable Gifts;
. Family Partnerships;
. Gift & Estate Tax;
. Intangible Assets;
. Limited Liability Companies;
. S Corporation Elections & Conversions;
. Stock Options;

Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance:
. Stock Options (SFAS 123);
. Purchase Price Allocations (SFAS 141);
. Goodwill Impairment Testing (SFAS 142);
. Other Intangible Asset Impairment (SFAS 142);

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