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Under the guidance of Thomas S. Coughlin, P.E., Acuity offers management consulting services to Design Firms.  Mr. Coughlin has over 30+ years of research, teaching and executive management experience.  He most recently served as the President & CEO of McFarland-Johnson, Inc., a 150 person, multi-state, full service consulting engineering company.   During his tenure as CEO, the firm bought itself back from its previous U.K. owners via a fully-leveraged 100% ESOP, expanded operations through organic growth, acquisitions and new office start-ups and improved operations through the divestiture of non-profitable offices/operations. Through Mr. Coughlin’s experience, Acuity is able to assist Engineering, Architectural, and Environmental Clients with their management consulting needs.

Specific Topic Engagements:

Based on the needs of our clients, Acuity can tailor its consulting services to assist our Clients in:

  • analyzing key indicators of financial performance, comparing those results to industry benchmarks and assisting our clients to put in place plans to improve performance, if needed
  • examining executive and staff compensation plans and practices, including base salaries, bonuses, deferred compensation, and profit sharing plans
  • assessing employee benefit plans
  • developing recruiting strategies
  • reviewing Quality Management practices
  • developing marketing/business development practices and plans
  • reviewing standard contract terms and conditions
  • preparing Strategic Plans
  • developing a Merger/Acquisition strategy
  • analyzing Principals’ alternatives, between internal and external transition options, including helping management to understand the benefits and potential limitations and shortcomings of ESOP Plans
  • assisting clients in putting in place appropriate Corporate Compliance programs upon creation of an ESOP
  • assisting management in developing management succession plans
  • assisting in/planning for new office start-ups and/or divestment of unprofitable operations
  • assisting with post merger/start-up integration plans

General Management Overview & Business Valuation Program:

For clients who are looking for a general management overview of their firm, Acuity is able to offer to its clients a report, which analyzes a firm’s overall operating performance and efficiency.  However, unlike reports generated from a peer review, this report goes further and provides owners with a business valuation analysis to help Principals gain an understanding of their firm’s value.  Value and management expertise are not mutually exclusive.  With that in mind, in one report and for one fee, this analysis covers the two key topics of concern to every firm owner:

    What is my firm worth?

          In the valuation component of this report, your firm can be analyzed within the context of:

  • Internal Transitions
  • External Transitions
  • Principals’ Buy-Sell Agreements
  • ESOP Feasibility Studies
  • Gift or Estate Tax Planning
    How well is my firm run and how can I improve it?

         This portion of the report provides design firms with an analysis of management practices and operational procedures. Interviews are          conducted with key firm management assessing, at a minimum, the following practice areas:

  • Business Development
  • Financial Management
  • Quality Management
  • Human Resources and Professional Development
  • Project Management
  • General Management
  • Corporate Governance

       This review is tailored to your firm, and will give you insight as to strengths and weaknesses in your operations. The information is especially        valuable for strategic planning, or simply to pinpoint areas needing management emphasis. By working “on your business” (not just “in your        business”), you will increase profitability, and unlock significant potential value in your firm.

    The Combined Report Is Available For The Following Single Fee:
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