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An ESOP is one of the most effective and tax beneficial methods of facilitating an ownership and management transition for owners who have decided on pursuing an internal transition plan. An ESOP will help stockholders, who have a keen interest in perpetuating their business with key employees or family members, to liquidate all or part of their holdings, without losing control of their company. It can also be a highly effective tool to be used in growing a firm organically, as a proven plan for motivating employees. Or it can help facilitate an acquisition strategy as it permits the funding of acquisition related payments with pre-tax dollars.

What an ESOP will enable you to do:
· Sell all or a portion of your stock and defer or eliminate capital gains tax;
· Create a market for your stock;
· Transfer ownership to family members or key employees (Note: for design firms or firms operating in other industries with licensing requirements,   there may be limitations depending on whether your State requires that all owners be licensed professionals within your industry);
· Borrow money for corporate expansion and service the debt with pre-tax dollars;
· Enhance your estate planning strategies;
· Provide a retirement trust for your employees.

What Acuity can do for you:
· ESOP Feasibility Studies;
· Business Valuations and Appraisals;
· Design and Installation of ESOP Plans and Trusts;
· Sourcing of Financing for Leveraged Loan Transactions;
· Design, Structure and Financing of Mergers & Acquisitions;
· Corporate Financial Consulting.
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